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Loneliness and social isolation among the elderly are now considered public health risks by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The feeling of being alone and not being properly cared for significantly affects the emotional well-being of individuals and may lead to an increased risk of dementia. Moreover, the lack of social interaction prompts them to succumb to unhealthy sedentary habits, such as smoking and physical inactivity.

The presence of another person around them who can provide assistance and stimulation will allow the elderly to slowly recover from their loneliness and revisit the activities they were fond of. Companion care providers know just the right kind of games, indoor and outdoor activities, and social opportunities to keep the elders in anticipation.

Engaging in social interactions will provide the elderly with a renewed sense of belongingness and will help them develop self-esteem. The friendship that can be offered by a companion care provider is vital in facilitating trust and emotional stability for the elders. As companions better understand their care recipients, they can relay the wishes and wants of the elders to their family members.

Other responsibilities of companion care providers include:

  • Home Modifications
  • Assistance in Personal Care
  • Companionship to doctor’s appointments and important events
  • Assessment of mental health conditions
  • Meal preparation and nutrition monitoring
  • Supervise medication intake
  • Maintain health security

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